Trophies, Tears and line calls… What I’ve learnt from junior tennis

I would imagine that for many, our main passion is supporting our children with what ever their goals and dreams are. For lots of us, one of their dreams may revolve around a tennis court. Nine years ago my son fell into mini tennis and really enjoyed it. My daughter then followed the same route. As they have grown they have competed all over the country and in France too. We have had some fantastic adventures and met many wonderful people including fellow parents, coaches and referees.

There a book for everything

One of my little mottos is there is a book for everything so I looked for a guide for parents to help with their children’s tennis as I knew that I was not getting everything right. I could not really find anything that had been published recently or was entirely suitable so I conducted my research of books from across the world and began to apply my education writing skills to first a blog for tennis parents and then to writing what would be my 8th book.


This isn’t to say that I thought I was an expert on being a tennis parent and I am also not a tennis coach. I am very conscious of the mistakes that I have made during the tennis journey. We have all said the wrong thing at times. We don’t always get the competition entries right or the amount of coaching. I have done this as much as anyone but I decided that putting my thoughts on paper might help another parent get it right more than I did.


A long the way I was discouraged by some, who said that the market for such a book would be too small. Yet in 2017 almost 3400 girls between 10 and 18 played an Aegon or tournament match, for boys the figure was 12200 and there are 1000s of children playing mini tennis. That is an awful lot of parent driving countless of miles and sitting, biting fingernails! Therefore I decided to continue with the project, on the basis that if it helped a few parents it would be worthwhile.

In 2017, almost 3400 girls and 12200 boys between the ages 10 and 18  played a match with LTA ranking points.

Finally over the Christmas holidays, I received my proof copies of ‘Trophies, tears and line calls’, which is now available through amazon. If you are a tennis coach or professional I would be delighted if you would signpost it to parents and if your own children play, why not give it a read? I would also be grateful for any feedback please send me a message on twitter or on  this blog. (Happy for you to point out any typos too!) If you would write a review on Amazon that would be great.

It could just give you or a fellow parent the help that I was looking for nine years ago.


(Click on the image to take you to amazon)

Finally, please do not thing that am I saying that I have all the answers or I get it right all the time. I certainly don’t but I keep trying to learn and reflect from the experiences I have and enjoy them too… As the quote says, there is no such thing as a perfect parent!

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2 thoughts on “Trophies, Tears and line calls… What I’ve learnt from junior tennis

    1. tennisdadblog Post author

      Thank you. That’s really kind of you. I enjoyed reading your blog too. Your blog on theme parks has inspired one of my next blogs. Drafted it last night. 🙂


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