Monthly Archives: December 2012

Finding the Positives

My son is struggling with his tournaments at the moment. He has found the step up from mini orange to mini green to be a considerable challenge. With perhaps only two or three matches in a competition there are events were he does not win a match.

During the last season of Orange I always knew he would win a match at some point during a tournament and the same was almost always true in his 1st season of Orange. This meant no matter how disappointed he was at the finish of an Orange tournament, I could always find a positive in a victory that had occurred at some point during the day.

In Green competitions to encourage him (and myself) I am looking for other positives in his performances rather than than simply the number of matches that he wins.

I asked coach what was the key thing they were working. He explained it was all about building a point and being patient. So today I have sat with a notebook counting the number of shots in each rally and whether the point was won or lost.

Unfortunately he lost his two matches but we found a positive in the statistics. Virtually every point which went to 8 or more shots he won. He also saw that he might lose a match but only have lost four more points than he won. Finally in his first match he was successful with 30 out of 39 first serves. We also talked about how it was difficult to get into the match with lots of 2 shot rallies.

The following picture shows the shorthand that I developed in my notepad today. The asterisk at the side is when my son served. The number represents the number of shots in the rally. The little plus or minus shows whether he lost the point and the cross shows if he missed his first serve or second serve.