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Hello world from tennisdadblog

Welcome to my first piece of writing for tennisdadblog. As would befit the blog title, I am currently sat by the side of a tennis court whilst my son is having his lesson. Being a tennis dad can be a fantastic pastime, as my son and I travel around different parts of the country whilst he plays in competitions and we meet some really interesting people. It can also put a considerable strain on the two of us as we are both placed in this completely new and pressurised world. I never played tennis as a child so I do not have a set of a reference points to work from.

I want to use this blog to try and explore some of the issues and challenges that we’ve faced which will hopefully be useful for other tennis parents or sports parents in general. I will also mention some of the books that I have read and the learning that I have gained from them. (November 2012)

Post script: It’s now six years later. My son still enjoys hitting with this coach and younger players and also playing doubles but hasn’t played a singles tournament for a few years. I’m now using our learning to help my daughter so is still on the tournament scene. (May 2019)

Oh and I’ve pulled all my learning together into a book for tennis parents, ‘Trophies, tears and line-calls’ which is available from amazon. Parents who’ve read it say, it is really useful. Why not have a look yourself?

Trophies, tears