“Jack’s back”… play another day!

This week I realised it had been over a year since I added to my tennisdad blog. How did I discover this you may ask? Well my son who initially inspired my blogging, found the website and subscribed whilst I was out with my daughter at her latest tournament.

When I returned, he told me which blogs he liked and commented that they helped him remember some of the peaks and troughs of his mini tennis tournaments. He asked me why I’d stopped blogging and I flippantly commented him because he was no longer playing as many tournaments to which he replied, yes, but his sister was.

It set me thinking why hadn’t I blogged for a while? Well one reason was that in 2016, I’d finally finished my manuscript for a guide for tennis parents with the working title of “Trophies, tears and line calls”. I’m still fine tuning this book and I hope to publish it this year.

A second reason is perhaps that I am better able to cope with trials and tribulations of junior tennis than I was, when I started my blogging journey over four years ago. Blogging gave me a way of reflecting on the experiences that I was having as a tennis parent and enabled me to complete some self-analysis. (For the teachers amongst my readership, Schon’s “Reflective Practitioner” springs to mind). As I have become better at managing the emotions of being a tennis parent, perhaps I have felt more able to analyse in my head and then move on, without tapping at my keyboard.


I still post frequently in my professional life on the world of education but as I discussed the tennis blogs with my son I realised that I had missed my tennis writings and as we talked ideas began to explode in my head.


So here I am, and in the words of one of my favourite TV action hero’s, “Jack’s back”! Just as 24 Legacy returns to our screens.

For those of you who were aficionados of Jack Bauer,  you may agree that most junior tennis tournaments can match the roller coaster of emotions found in any episode of 24 and can be just as stressful.Keep Calm Jack's Back


January 2018: Well it took another eleven months but finally that ‘Trophies, tears and line calls: The guide for tennis parents’ is now published. Why not have a look on amazon and see if you can think it can help you: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Trophies-tears-line-calls-parents/dp/1976738520/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1516470791&sr=1-2&keywords=trophies+tears+and+line+calls




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