What about doubles? Another idea for low motivation

Happiness is playing on the same side

One of the comments I hear from children when they have low motivation is that it’s not fun anymore. When they first started playing tennis it was fun. All those little games in mini tennis squads when the children were running around laughing. It wasn’t who was hitting the ball best, it was just children playing.

When we look at adult tennis from professional to a club afternoon, it’s doubles that provides most the fun. There are the crazy rallies that occur to just having company on court next to you, somebody to talk too. Certainly when Jamie Murray won the mixed doubles title at Wimbledon with Jelena Jankovic, it looked like they were having fun on court together. Children benefit from that just as much as adult do, probably more so.

If you child has low motivation, could you encourage doubles in their play? What about

1) Your child could have break from individual lessons and have some doubles lessons in a group. Far less intense and pressured but still good practice.
2) Take your child to adult social tennis and see if they can join in the club doubles, they get the opportunity to see fun tennis being played (hopefully!)
3) Aegon tennis allows children to play some doubles matches
4) Enter a doubles competition, even count for leaderboards now too

What ever it is, see if it can put a smile on their tennis playing face! šŸ™‚

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