Girls in competitions (2): These girls can

You may have read my earlier blog containing my suggestions of six points which could increase the number of girls who compete in junior tennis competitions. Centreline tennis organise many tennis competitions in the East Midlands with a focus on allowing as many children to enter as possible, maximising the number of matches which children have and ensuring children receive trophies and certificates to reward their achievements.

The following points 6 points are their suggestions to add to mine.

1.Increase the social side for girls events. Ideas that we are developing are players areas where bags and players only sit and chill, perhaps at larger events they could have music and games for younger girls to play together.

2. Deliver it in a different way, try and bring a bit more control of the competition to the players especially in the lower level events. Giving them a grip on the events as not so daunting and making the more approachable.

3. A new idea we have been looking into which we can give a line about. “Tennis with your friends” a unique idea we are looking to pilot.

4. More doubles could be a great way to increase girls tennis entries across the uk.

5. Why not do more internal at local clubs for girls only and even invite providers and the LTA to come and some event delivery within the coaching squads with all the feel of the competitions but none of the pressure. Like a step before official entries.

6. Get clubs to bring teams of girls to events rather than just individual entries

Thanks Centreline for getting involved in the debate. In my next blog I intend to look at ideas which could be incorporated into the AEGON structure as many parents believe that team tennis and doubles are also really important.


2 thoughts on “Girls in competitions (2): These girls can

  1. Sophie Stevens

    Great article! I am from Belgium, and it seems like Belgium doesn’t have this problem because many young girls are playing tennis there. Is tennis seen as a men’s sport in UK?

    1. tennisdadblog Post author

      I don’t necessarily think tennis is seen as a men’s sport. It just seems that small numbers of girls play tennis and the system does not necessarily do enough to encourage them.


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