6 reasons for playing tennis


How often have you thought why do I do this? Why do I drive my child round competitions with all the early starts? Why do I spend all the money on tennis lessons and training? What about the constant spend on equipment, trainers or clothes?

The answer to the questions above must be found in your your reasons for encouraging your child to play tennis?

When I ask myself this, I come up with following six points:

  • To have fun – This has to be the key reason for children to begin playing any sport, they must enjoy and have fun.
  • To be with friends and meet new ones – Even though tennis is an individual sport, I’ve always welcomed opportunities for my children to meet a wide range of players / adults and spend time talking to them.
  • To learn about the sport & improve their game related skills including co-ordination.
  • To work on their fitness – This is quite close to the reason above and again we are probably aware that we want our children running around and building their fitness.
  • To do something they’re good at – The more they play the better they get and children realize they are actually good at something which is good for their confidence and self-esteem.
  • To compete – I have deliberately left this reason to last. I do believe that children gain so much from competition but this is careful balance as very few children are sustained and nourished by continual competition.

What do you think? What are your reasons for your children to play tennis? Your reasons for playing your own tennis? Or your own reasons for coaching children to play tennis?

I am currently writing a parents guide to tennis so I would be fascinated your views, opinions and your story on why your children play tennis or you play tennis. Please comment below.

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