Wall of Positivity

Wall of positivity

Yesterday whilst I was watching my son play in his latest tennis tournament I was yet again struck that the winner of the matches tended to be the player who managed their positivity and negativity best. The winner would be the player who stuck at the match and did not have the full rollercoaster of emotions. In my previous blog I wrote about the idea of a positive diary. Another technique which you can use is to create a wall of positivity in your child’s bedroom. This can be quite a fun task which you could work on with your child.

I am sure that if your child has gained some trophies from their tennis (or any activity) these are often very treasured possessions of which the value to your child (and to you) is disproportionate to their monetary value. These small items are obvious examples of the positives that your child has gained from their sport. However these medals or trophies will only be a small amount of the success that your child has had and are only some examples of the positives.

In my son’s bedroom we have made a number of posters… probably too grand a word, I have drawn on A4 paper with felt tips pens.

The first set are two are lists of all his competition 1st and 2nds. I have found that many of the tournaments do not give out ‘silverware’ and it can be easy to lose track of all those good results.

The second set of posters are his position in the end of the season leaderboards (county, regional and national) and how his ranking has changed over time. This has been particularly useful when he has changed age range and is having to start from the bottom again. Children often forget this journey and remember the end points along the way and forget the progress they have made.

Thirdly I have made two signs with my son’s name in and pictures of him playing. One says ‘—– is a top tennis player’ and the second says ‘—— is champion tennis player’ with the date of his first competition win.

Finally we put up two sets of motivational posters. One is based on tennis alliterations that my son and I created together and include:
Ferocious forehands
Slamming serves
Venomous volleys
Devilish dropshots
Blistering Backhands

We also discussed positive phrases that he could use in a match and made motivational posters of them including:
I can do this
One more point
In with spin
On my toes

It has been a fun thing to make together and constantly highlights the power of positive thinking. The club house at the most recent tennis tournament also had positive phrases from famous sports people which my son found interesting. Perhaps that will be the next thing we do to keep ‘the wall of positivity’ fresh.

2 thoughts on “Wall of Positivity

  1. Dr Rosina

    Teaching children positivity, persistence and emotional intelligence ate wonderful tools for a happy, healthy and successful life. I love your wall of positivity idea. Good on you dad! Lucky son!

    1. tennisdadblog Post author

      Thank you for your comment. In my eyes, the lessons that my children learn from their tennis is as important if not more so than the tennis skills that they are developing.


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